About International Delhi Public School

THE INTERNATIONAL DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL SOCIETY is one of the nation`s leading educational organization which devoted to spread quality education across the country and abroad designed by award winning educationists of India and creators of the international system of education eying the Indian culture, values, ethics & virtues.

The International Delhi Public School Society, founded on 22nd Fed 2012, is a not for profit non-governmental organization, run by a group of members of the society from different parts of India. We are envisioning a society permeated with the spirit of brotherhood, in which its members help each other create a sustainable and harmonious environment, improving their lives through raised awareness of co-dependency and connectivity with their surroundings as well as globally. We believe that the kids are the future of any society and there should be no differences when it comes to being exposed to knowledge and information. This is why we are providing quality school education, superior syllabus, related classes and extracurricular activities for all members of our society, mainly children and youth. In our work, mainly we use formal education methods to bring the school closer to youngsters. Learning, after all, should be interactive and engaging.

This way we can ensure lifelong learning because of the newly awoken desire for the learning process to continue. Through a broad-minded attitude like this, an individual is able to not only act upon fulfilling his needs but also be a binding agent and promoter of change in the society.